Boarding School Staff - ̨aƬSearch’s Anglican Girls’ School

Our Staff

̨aƬSearch’s boarding house staff are committed to ensuring that your daughter has an enjoyable and enriching time during her residence in Anne Symington House. Our team consists of experienced, professional and caring staff who pride themselves on building a friendly and supportive environment for our boarders while also equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the world after school.

Head of Boarding

The Head of Boarding is responsible for the strategic leadership of the boarding house, as well as developing a holistic pastoral care program. The Head of Boarding also ensures that day-to-day boarding house operations are consistent with and integrated into the whole school.

Kellie Douglas joined ̨aƬSearch’s in 2021. She has 23 years’ experience in the boarding and education sectors, working in a variety of non-denominational, independent and faith-based schools across Australia. She has a passion for student wellbeing and is a strong advocate for a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle being coupled with supportive structures for the students in her care.

Kellie also has diverse leadership experience in pastoral care, careers and Vocational Education and Training (VET), which has helped her enhance several key boarding house programs to support student and family needs. 

Key Support Staff

The role of our Deputy Head of Boarding, Boarding Recreation Manager and senior support staff is to support the Head of Boarding in the day-to-day operations of the boarding house. Our staff pride themselves on building meaningful relationships with our students and their families. They also oversee leave requirements, develop an engaging and fulfilling recreation program, implement boarding house policies, work closely with the day school to ensure boarding house operations are consistent with whole school, liaise with our Health Centre and encourage a team approach in the boarding house. Above all, they are champions for our girls in the boarding house and are always on hand to support and guide them throughout their boarding journeys.

House Mothers are provided for each year level and their role is to establish lasting bonds with our boarders and supervise life in the house. They create a safe and nurturing environment for our boarders and maintain regular contact with parents to foster an engaged boarding community.

Kellie Douglas

Head of Boarding

Julie Garnett

Deputy Head of Boarding

Fiona McGlinn

Boarding Recreation Manager

Joanne Semini

Boarding House Nurse Manager

Jayne Hatt

Senior Supervisor

Teresa Blakeley

Senior Supervisor

Visit our boarding house

We realise that there is no better way to learn more about ̨aƬSearch’s than by paying us a visit. You are warmly invited to view our facilities and find out more about our wonderful boarding program.

To arrange a visit, please contact our Enrolments Registrar on (08) 9341 9121 or via enrolments@stmarys.wa.edu.au